Climate Law in our handS                                                          Selkirk Room - 11am

Anjali works on the Climate Law in Our Hands campaign, which seeks to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for its share of climate change costs incurred by BC communities. Anjali has been a climate activist and communications specialist for years, and spent much of her career tracking the United Nations climate negotiations, which left communities with no real positive change. She works with West Coast Environmental Law to support climate-impacted communities in BC to demand that fossil fuel companies pay for their damages, and thereby clear the way for sustainable, renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy may be the way of the future, but how fast we get there depends on how we deal with the momentum and influence of the fossil fuel economy. The fossil fuel industry is still seen by many as a net wealth creator, even as our communities struggle to deal with climate-related landslides, flooding and wildfires. Learn how BC communities are demanding accountability from fossil fuel companies for the harm caused by their products - and how we can support them.

Designing for Tomorrow Today:                                                Kootenay room 1 - 11am

Advanced Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

Lukas Armstrong was raised on a solar powered ranch in northern BC. He went on to study Sculpture, Industrial Design and Architecture, before founding Cover Architectural Collaborative Inc. with Graeme Leadbeater and Rob Stacey in 2013. Cover Architecture is responsible for the first Certified PassiveHouse multi family dwelling in Canada, and the firm is currently responsible for the 50% of all certified projects in Canada. Their first triplex won the design award at the 2015 North American PassiveHouse Network conference, after which Lukas was invited to speak at the New York International PassiveHouse Conference in 2016. The PassiveHouse design strategy reduces energy consumption by 80% for a 10% construction premium. Cover Architecture designs buildings of all scales and types, with a focus on advanced energy efficiency.

Lukas Armstrong will offer an interactive presentation describing the design and construction process of a Certified PassiveHouse building based on their own projects. The presentation will include design drawings of various assemblies, discuss the building science behind thick wall systems, and walk through a series of construction photos showing how accessible advanced energy efficiency can be. Discussion will be encouraged.

Sun Shining Beyond the Fossil Fuel age in the Kootenays        Kootenay room 2 - 11am

Since 1993, Kip has lived a solar off grid lifestyle. In addition to his organic farm, he started into the business of designing, selling and installing solar systems for others through Oso Solar. Oso Solar tries to fit with the generally progressive values of Kootenay residents in sourcing hardware from manufacturers that have production methods that match many of our environmental and social concerns. Oso Solar operates from its base in New Denver, BC with installations ranging from near Creston, to Edgewood, and hopefully soon in Revelstoke.

Sun Shining Beyond the Fossil Fuel age in the Kootenays. A talk and discussion around how Kootenay residents over time and in the future have and will use the Sun. How today’s solar energy technology can work in consort with hydro power to secure a fossil fuel free future unlike almost any other location in North America.


The invisible fuel                                                                                           Purcell room - 11am

Carol Suhan, Manager Energy Conservation and Energy Management, leads program delivery for FortisBC’s award-winning conservation and efficiency programs. With more than twenty years’ experience designing and implementing behaviour change programs, from solid waste reduction to energy efficiency, Carol works with organizations and communities to achieve their behaviour-change goals. She has an MBA with a specialization in communications and public relations and certificates in public participation.

The cheapest and cleanest energy choice of all is not to waste it. Energy conservation and efficiency helps reduce the need for energy - and can save you money. Learn how you can reduce your energy and get help and rebates for your efficiency upgrades.

More Good > Less Bad with Andrew Zwicker                              Purcell room - 1:15pm

Andrew is a values based, big thinking entrepreneur, with an aim to make the world a more sustainable and fun place to live, while making a dollar or two in the process. From a childhood in Nova Scotia to half a decade chasing winter around the globe Andrew started in the ski industry before going out on his own. In 2007 he co-founded and launched The Rossland Telegraph, and 2 years later he co-founded Lone Sheep Publishing to grow the model to 6 publications.

In 2012 Andrew and new partners launched Propel Bioenergy with big goals of powering a cleaner tomorrow while growing carbon negative economies. Andrew also operates AZcre8ive, a storytelling company producing the You Can Do That Here! Podcast, and has just launched The VinylCast, a new take on the record label. In 2014 Andrew was elected as a councillor for The City of Rossland.

If there is one fundamental way of thinking we can change that will slowly (or in some cases very quickly) make the world a better place, it is the simple understanding that even a tiny bit more good, is infinitely better than a lot less bad. Every single organization, business and person in the world can improve their business, their community and life in general by understanding and adopting the practice of doing a little more good, rather than trying to do a lot less bad. Andrew has direct experience with this which is what led his interest into the carbon neutral economy, renewable energy and ultimately Propel Bioenergy where he is putting this theory into action. Learn about a simple and critical small shift in thinking that has the power to change everything, told in the context of developing a renewable energy company.

Making Cents of Renewable Energy                                                  Selkirk room - 1:15pm

Jim is a renewable energy consultant based in the Kootenays. He works with Mesla Energy Inc as an LED and solar technology provider and educator. Passionate about the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) he has a background in community economic development, sales and marketing. His education includes a certificate in Solar PV Design and Installation from the Canadian Solar Institute.

Making Cents of Renewable Energy - from power bars to net zero construction. Whether you own, rent or are considering building a new home there is a ton of information about renewable energy. Confused about where to begin? Join us as we look at ways individuals (and businesses and communities) can reduce their energy demands and move towards net zero housing.

100% Renewable Kootenays                                                       Kootenay room - 1:15pm

Panel discussion with Carmen, trish and carol                            selkirk room 2:30pm

Listen to presentations from Carmen Proctor, Trish Dehnel and Carol suhan with an open q&A after.

Carmen - Canada's very first solar garden                                              

Carmen Proctor was contracted in 2011 to develop and implement an Energy Retrofit Program with On-bill Financing for the City of Nelson. This program is still a success in the community and has now expanded to offer solar energy, she continues to manage EcoSave and is the lead on the Nelson Community Solar Garden project. Carmen started the Nelson Green Home and Energy Show, which is now in its 5th year, this showcases the greener options for building, retrofitting and features electric vehicles. She has been contacted by various utility companies regarding energy efficiency programs, solar and community outreach. Carmen is a Rotarian, she enjoys her family of five children and has a passion for the outdoor recreation that the Kootenays has to offer.

Ever wanted solar, but can't do it on your own home? Come find out how the City of Nelson’s electric utility, Nelson Hydro, successfully launched Canada's very first solar garden, from developing the idea to seeing it through to completion. While you're there, get to know the EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program that's now in its fifth year, including strategies for community engagement plus retrofits, rebates, and on-bill financing. There's a reason other municipalities have replicated this program! Plus, learn what's coming up this fall for EcoSave... we'll give you a hint, it's another first for BC!

Accelerate Kootenays                                                                 

Patricia (Trish) Dehnel is Community Relations Manager and Energy Planner with the Community Energy Association. Currently, she is the Senior Energy Specialist for the RDCK with a work-plan focused on identifying and implementing low carbon energy initiatives and promoting low carbon and energy efficiency/conservation solutions in the region and the West Kootenay liaison for the Accelerate Kootenay project. Trish has lived in the Kootenays for many years. Previously she was CAO for the Village of Slocan, FortisBC Program Manager for Kootenay Energy Diet and Nelson City Planner.

Collaborative Community Energy Planning and Transportation Initiatives. As a region, the Kootenays are taking action in reducing energy and emissions to meet commitments of the Climate Action Charter. Local Governments implement policy to reduce emissions through three key impact areas: Buildings, Transportation and Waste. Transportation emission reductions are most challenging given the distances involved, the rural, mountainous and reasonably remote nature of the Kootenays. Accelerate Kootenays is an innovative regional approach to build a robust network of electric vehicle charging stations between the Okanagan and Alberta. To make electric vehicle ownership and travel realistic for both residents and tourists, the Regional Districts of Kootenay Boundary, Central Kootenay and East Kootenay endorsed a Columbia Basin-wide electric vehicle strategy. Further, most communities have adopted Community Energy Plans, with RDCK and RDEK both securing funds for regional Energy Specialists to aid with energy plan “acceleration”. Better energy efficient building standard include a regional approach to adopting step-codes and sustainability checklists. This session will discuss the options and opportunities in the Kootenays to accelerate better buildings and better transportation options to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, build local energy resilience and community economic development.

Renewable Natural Gas - Fortis                                                

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. Locally produced and carbon neutral, RNG is interchangeable with conventional natural gas and can be used directly in existing furnaces, water heaters and other natural gas appliances as a sustainable energy option to support B.C.’s climate action goals.
Transportation is responsible for the largest share of B.C.’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Using natural gas instead of carbon intensive fuels like diesel offers environmental and GHG reduction benefits. By converting waste haulers, school and municipal busses, other medium and heavy duty vehicles, and marine vessels, FortisBC is helping vehicle operators switch to compressed and liquefied natural gas where they can realize financial benefit through fuel cost savings. Learn how RNG and natural gas for transportation are playing a growing role in B.C.’s sustainable economy.